100% Made in Sicily

Pacco Misto Arance Tarocco Gallo da Tavola e Limoni
a partire da 1,50€/kg
Pacco Misto Arance Tarocco Gallo da Spremuta e Limoni
A partire da 1,34€/kg
Arance Tarocco Gallo EXTRA
A partire da 1,65€/kg

Pompelmo Rosa

Raccolti in modo esclusivo per ogni ordine
Pompelmo Rosa AranciaDrink
a partire da 2,16 €/kg


Pacco misto Arance Navel da spremuta e Limoni

Arance Navel da spremuta + Limoni siciliani
Pacco Misto Arance Navel da Spremuta e Limoni

Tarocco Gallo da Tavola

A partire da 1.45€/kg
tarocco-rosso-aranciadrink.jpg AranciaDrink

Arance Tarocco Gallo "Mangia e Bevi"

arance da tavola e da spremuta
Pacco misto Arance Siciliane "Mangia e Bevi"
Clementine Nova

Arance Navel EXTRA

Arance Siciliane a Polpa Bionda EXTRA
Arance Siciliane a Polpa Bionda EXTRA
Pacco Misto Arance Tarocco Gallo da Spremuta e Limoni

Pacco misto Arance Navel Mangia e Bevi

50% Arance Navel da Tavola, 50% Arance Navel da Spremuta
Pacco misto Arance Navel Mangia e Bevi

Limone Caviale - 6 pezzi (300g circa)

Pregiata rarità di Sicilia
llmone_caviale.jpg AranciaDrink

AranciaDrink: 100% sicilian flavour

Quality it is the key word that distinguishes our entire citrus production. We are very proud to present to the world our precious fruit, the Arancia Polparossa, with its strong and unique character and its characteristic red color. In every single red pulp orange it is possible to taste and feel the whole island, the fertile earth of volcanic origin, the warm and unique sun and all our care and attention.

100% Made in Sicily

All our products are 100% made in Sicily, in addition to citrus fruits, AranciaDrink, offers a wide selection of typical Sicilian products, carefully chosen by local producers, who fully respect the techniques and the taste of tradition. From preserves to jams, from dried fruit to oils ... a continuous search for traditional tastes and flavors to bring to your table the best of Sicilian gastronomic production

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